Engineering OneYear Class Room Program

1 Year Engineering Classroom Program for Class 11th Students for


Program Details

From Ambition to Achievement – 1 year of Austerity

When you opt for coaching, you invest your whole year, the most precious resource. The coaching you take can make or spoil your one year. So, why not use this one year at a place where experts welcome you with already proven approach and curate the most productive attributes in your one year. Get the best of coaching, couple it with your dedication and honest efforts and see flying colors at the end.

Detailed Course features that you will be getting at Mittal Classes

Intelligent Coaching Approach

  • Limited students in a Batch.
  • Classes of 90 Minutes each are designed according to the pattern and level of the exam and are delivered by our highly qualified faculties.
  • 2 classes a day and 4-5 days a week (Contact Centre for Weekend batches).
  • Comprehensive study material prepared by experts.

Concept Creation & Understanding

  • Coverage of the basic and core concepts (Physics, Chemistry & Mathematics).
  • Around 550 hours of Classroom Teaching.
  • This flexible program is designed to aid students in their preparation for Board exams also.
  • Comprehensive study material prepared by experts and updated based on new changes in Entrance exam.
  • Regular Doubt Clearing sessions for both Competitive Exams and CBSE Board Exams.
  • Revision classes of selected topics are arranged regularly for the benefit of students.
  • Well-designed updated Question Banks for practice.

Practice and Perfection

  • Around 200 DPP (Daily Practice Problems)
  • Around 25 Periodic Tests taken in JEE Main, Advanced & CBSE Course.
  • 4 Phase wise Tests.
  • Around 10 Part and Full-length tests for smooth finish.
  • Online Test Series for JEE (Main & Advanced) .
  • Formula Book for quick reference.
  • Study Material with Graded Problems (Solved and Unsolved).
  • Exercises fully covering previous year JEE (Main & Advanced) problems.
  • Special Class and Test Series for JEE Advanced.

Additional Features

  • Micro and Macro level performance analysis of Marks and Ranks obtained by the students after each test.
  • Career counselling to ensure focus on your goal.
  • Time Management strategies.
  • Tips & tricks to improve learning and performance efficiency.
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