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Subject-wise Tips

JEE Main: The right strategy and dedication can stand out in the challenging exam of Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) Main 2024. Candidates need to start preparing for the exam from foundation level.

Subject-wise, Important Tips


  1. Regular and consistent practice is all in mathematics. Textbooks, reference books, and Coaching assignments should be used to solve a variety of problems .
  2. Questions of varying difficulty levels should be practiced. Gradually move from easier problems to more complex ones.
  3. Valuable time during the exam can be saved using shortcut techniques for solving problems quickly.
  4. Solve problems in time bound manner to improve speed.


  1. Focus on grasping concepts by understanding the theory behind concepts.
  2. Use of diagrams and visual aids provide additional advantage to understand complex topics like wave propagation, electromagnetic fields, and circuits.
  3. Enhance your problem-solving skills by practice to solve a variety of numerical problems.
  4. Analyze mistakes made in mock tests to improve performance.


  1. Understand periodic trends, reaction mechanisms, functional groups, and stereochemistry. To improve problem-solving skills, Practice solving reaction-based questions.
  2. Numerical problems related to kinetics, thermodynamics, and equilibrium should be regularly practiced.
  3. Ensure that you cover all three branches by allocate time for each branch based on your strengths and weaknesses.
  4. Regularly revise reactions, equations, and properties to retain information.

Solve previous year question papers: Previous year's question papers will offer insights into the weightage given to specific chapters and topics in the exam and to prioritise their studies and focus on important areas. PYQ’s chapterwise available in Mittal Classes JEE study modules.

  1. Embrace a well-structured study plan: a strategic timetable that allocates dedicated time for Physics, Chemistry, and Mathematics, along with regular revision slots.
  2. Analyse and learn from mock tests: Mock tests are an priceless tool to measure candidate's preparation level and improving problem-solving skills. Students should regularly attempt mock tests in controlled environment, to simulate the actual exam conditions. Platforms like the Mittal Classes portal offer free mock tests.
  3. Identify strong and weak areas: Students identify their strengths and weaknesses by analysing performance in mock tests and previous years' papers. Focus on strengthen the strong areas while working patiently to improve the weak ones to enhances overall performance.

Cracking JEE Main 2024 requires focused attitude, wisely managed time , and maintain a positive mindset throughout the preparation journey and nothing can stop aspirants from achieving a good score in JEE Main 2024.